Hyundai 'Prophecy' Concept

Hyundai 'Prophecy' Concept


On  March 3, 2020 Hyundai Motor Company unveiled its new concept EV, “Prophecy”, expressing the company’s latest design language and the sleek autonomous driving future Hyundai envisions. Official Hyundai ‘Prophecy’ Concept release HERE

Hyundai ‘Prophecy’ Concept

As of the date writing this overview, no performance specs have been released for this futuristic EV. Hyundai has released this:

“Prophecy” follows suit with an iconic silhouette of perfect proportions that have been inspired by an aerodynamic design. Leveraging the extended wheelbase and shorter overhang, Hyundai’s designers have achieved the Ultimate Automotive Form, thanks to a new EV architecture defined by pristine surfaces and pure volume in combination with aesthetic harmony and functionality.

Hyundai 'Prophecy' Concept Gallery

Images Hyundai


According to Hyundai: 

The interior of “Prophecy” underlines the advantages of using the stretched cabin of an EV platform. Instead of a conventional automotive interior, a lifestyle space of refinement and comfort provides customers with a warm welcome.


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