Auto Dealers

Register Your Dealership & Connect With Buyers


EV Dealer Benefits

When you sign-up as a registered dealer on EV Dollar, the benefits begin immediately

  • Your EV dealership will be easy to find by name or proximity to buyers
  • You will be searchable on our fully integrated dealership map
  • User friendly profile integrated dashboard will provide you real-time analytics
  • Buyers will have multiple ways to contact you on your profile page or through listings
  • Regular EV Dealer Promotion Specials


Your listings have the latest technology available

EV Dollar incorporates the latest technology into its website to help connect you with buyers. 

When you input the information on the vehicle and the listing is created, it will automatically be SEO friendly to include: pictures, year, make, model, description, contact information, and more that is easily recognizable and indexable by search engines.

EV Dealer Features:

  • Map showing your location
  • 50 vehicle image uploads with lightbox image gallery
  • 1 embedded video
  • All contact information, website, and social media links
  • All vehicle information
  • Modify & track your listings 24/7
  • Analytics: keep track of how customers are engaging with your inventory

EV Buyer Features:

  • Multiple ways to contact you: phone, email, website, and more
  • Ability to favorite your listing and view it later
  • Instant directions through Google Maps to your location
  • Easy social share of your listing to Twitter, Facebook, WhatsAp, and more
  • Ability to email or print your listing
  • Advanced search and filter options