Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Finding An Electric Vehicle Is Easy


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As a buyer looking for an EV you do not have to pay anything. The only thing you might have to do is create an account to use some of the more advanced features of the site; for instance, use the messaging system or bookmarks.

We have several ways of connecting you with sellers right in the listing. You can call, email, direct message, and get directions right to the seller from the listing page.

Start your search either by clicking the “Buy” at the top of the page or by using the search on the front page. Once you enter the information you will be taken to the explore page with your initial results. You can than use our search tools to narrow down the results.

We have integrated Google Maps into every single listing. You can scroll in or out on the map showing you all the EVs in your area. Once you find the EV you are looking for, just hit the “Directions” link in the listing page to see how far away from you it is. We have made it very easy for you to have all the information on location.

We use advanced geolocation search tools to help you find and buy an EV near you. Once you enter your location the immediate search will be EVs for sale within 100 miles of your location. You will than have the option of easily adjusting this through a slider from 10  to 3000 miles showing you all the EVs that meet your search criteria through filtering.


Selling Your Electric Vehicle Is Easy


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Your listing will run until it expires or you cancel it. Of coarse, when your EV sells you can delete your listing in your user dashboard easily with one click to not get anymore requests.

A featured listing will always show higher on the search results from a normal listing. Featured listings are meant to give you even more exposure to buyers and help you sell your EV fast.

You can have  up to 50 images. You can upload images of any size and just about any format: .png .jpg . bmp and more. Each image can be up to 128MB. This is plenty to upload any size image you would like to show off and sell your EV.

SEO optimization evolves as fast as technology and we are always using the latest techniques. Your listing is generated with  traditional and modern SEO features like schema to help your listing get the greatest exposure.

Geoanalytics are part of your seller dashboard and will help you quickly identify how many people from what location are looking at your ad. This is a very powerful tool when selling your EV. It is truly the best seller dashboard of any site.. You’ll Love It!